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Originally established in 1999, at TheRussiaHouse.net since January 2013.

5 February 2015


I love this film! I have gathered together her various bits and pieces relating to this 1990 Cold War spy thriller: reviews, cast information, locations, script.

CHRIST THE SAVIOUR CATHEDRAL describes the rebuilding of the church that was destroyed in Stalin's time.

KRUSHCHEV'S GRAVE provides some background information on the construction of the tombstone in Novodevichy Convent.

MOSCOW SKYCRAPERS If you want to know all about those 7 wedding cake skyscrapers in Moscow, there is a of information and pictures here, there is also a page dedicated to each of the seven buildings


Refurbished and on a new plinth, this famous monument returns to its All Russia Exhibition home

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WELCOME to Dave's Russia Page at TheRussiaHouse.net.


I chose “TheRussiaHouse.net” because I Iove the film and the book of that name, and I have a page and a blog dedicated to this movie.

But in general, this is my site dedicated to all things Russian. I try to cover a variety of subjects relating to Russia - its language, culture, history, politics and anything that is of particular interest to me.


Why Russia? offers an insight into the reason for my the interest in Russia whilst About Me is just a bit more about me.

I love exploring cities and urban landscapes, which I suppose stems from more than a passing interest in architecture – I’m no architect, but I do love looking at buildings and I know wot I like.


This might explain why I dwell more on Moscow sights, in the various features I cover, than I do on buildings in other cities, such as St Petersburg.


There is no doubt that St Petersburg is the more beautiful city, with its many canals, ornate bridges, opulent palaces, grand classical buildings and unified architectural theme; but, Moscow . . . . ah Moskva Maya! (My Moscow) - that's where my heart is.


The village – as Peterburgers might patronizingly call it; Moscow is Ancient Rus and Stalinist Gothic. Tsarist grandeur cheek by jowl with Soviet modernism, with some experimental constructivist designs thrown in for good measure. Grand Prospekts carving through neighbourhoods of pereuloks and dvors (sidestreets and courtyards), suburbs of high rise apartment blocks, and downtown postmodern adventures into kitsch. For me, Moscow represents a captivating collection of architecture from the first millennium right up to today.


This page is closely connected with my Dave's Russia Page blog, a feed of which is included on the right hand column, and my Russia House scenes locations blog. I hope you enjoy this collection and I welcome any comments, ideas, or corrections - please feel free to add your comments to the blogs.


You can also follow me on Twitter @bouncermangel.


I first created my Russia page back in 1999. It was my first attempt at creating a personal website (i'd done work stuff before that) and it was hosted on free service from Tripod.com. I continued to update it until about 2003 when I lost interest, or rather, life got in the way. The site is still there, but it is riddled with irritating pop-ups.


Sine now that I have no (social) life, well not since children came along, I decided to re-launch the site on my own domain! So, in February 2013, my Russia page was resurrected.